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Help NASA find 'Corals' around the world via 'NeMO-Net' !

NASA invites video gamers and citizen scientists to board ship on virtual ocean research expeditions to help map coral reefs around the world.

What you do playing this game?
NeMO-Net, a video game in which players identify and classify corals using these 3D images while virtually traveling the ocean on their own research vessel that helps NASA better understand these threatened ecosystems.

On boarding their virtual research vessel, players will be able to interact with real NASA data, track their progress, earn badges, learn,...

Apple App Store (iOS/MAC)
Google Play Store (Android): Forthcoming release (soon)

More here...
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#SimpleTips - How to take quick screenshots in Windows 10?

There are several ways available to take screenshot, here we will see two fast, easy and modern in-built tools to take screenshot.

Tool 1: Print screen snipping
>> Shortcut: Windows key + Print screen key
>> Screenshot automatically get saved to 'Pictures --> Screenshots' folder
(To modify default saving path: Right-click on 'Screenshots' folder --> 'Location' tab --> 'Move' button)

Tool 2: Snip & Sketch
>> Shortcut: Windows key + Shift, 'S' keys
>> Snip will be saved to clipboard - can click on the notification to edit or save

*Traditional ways like 'PrintScreen' / 'Alt + PrintScreen', Snipping tool - still works
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#TechMix - Free group video calling (for COVID-19 season)

Quick comparison on some of the group calling services currently available for free:

Service/App                           || Can accommodate up to # of people* || Available for free || Hard time limit (group calling)
WhatsApp                               | 4 (soon upto 8 in next release)                | Yes                          | No
Google Duo                             | 12                                                                 | Yes                          | No
Skype                                       | 50                                                                | Yes                          | No
Facebook Messenger Room | 50                                                                | Yes (rolling out)     | No
Zoom                                        | 100                                                               | Yes                          |Yes, 40 mins only
Google Meet                            | 100                                                               | Yes (till Sep 30)      |Only 60 mins post Sep 30, 2020

*Max allowed participants during COVID-19 season. Subject to change.
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#StopRumors - Trusted source for info on Corona virus outbreak

Here are some recommended websites that has data from trusted sources and authorities!

These pages gives details on cause, prevention, best practices, resources, statistics, virtual map of affected places and affected counts and official recommendations,...

Microsoft's Bing:
Google's YouTube: Checkout for 'COVID-19' news shelf for authoritative content (moderated by AI)
Facebook's WhatsApp:
WHO: Press release and more (Official)


Below WhatsApp groups to stay up to date and for any automated assistance:
Indian Ministry of Health:

-  WHO MyHealth (set to launch)
- Aarogya Setu (India)

Will update more for info w.r.t. to different countries and regions when confirmed to be a true source.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit, Twitter and YouTube announced that they would be joining forces against misinformation and fraud related to the Coronavirus outbreak!
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Microsoft introducing a very needful feature to suppress background noise on Teams call!

Due to this massive work from home situation (Corona outbreak), Microsoft Teams hit a very large number of active users every day!

Microsoft had given a demo on below shown feature which helps suppress background noise from calls automatically and just focus your mic (human) voice.

Checkout the demo here:

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