How to officially verify fake news on WhatsApp?

Posted by KrishKT KrishKT
Officially verify fake news on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp has launched a new fact-checking service that can help users verify any spread news.

One of the prime reasons for this was the way, most users would share messages without verifying the source or authenticity of it.

Checkpoint TipLine, which is essentially a chatbot that can verify any piece of news you send it.

>> To try verifying a news:

- You can send/forward a message (links, text messages, or photos they think could be fake) to WhatsApp Checkpoint TipLine on +91 9643000888 or via this
- And it will ask you to confirm if you want to go ahead with the verification.
- Once confirmed, it will look up the information with the help of Proto (an Indian startup) to conclude if the news is true, false, misleading or disputed.

WhatsApp hopes users will have a word with the Checkpoint TipLine before forwarding messages with sensitive material.

Thanks for your support in reducing fake news! :-)

Note: This still seems to be in initial stage and expected to grow better.