#TechMix - WhatsApp multi-device support, Youtube's Makeup, Twitter's Topics

Posted by KrishKT KrishKT
#TechMix - Access WA from multiple devices, Youtube's Makeup, Twitter's Topics

* WhatsApp can soon be accessed from multiple mobile (Android & iOS) devices using the same account.
 - Currently, users can use WhatsApp web for accessing from multiple desktop web browsers simultaneously!
> It is expected that WhatsApp may soon release 'Dark mode' officially.
> Be aware that WhatsApp may permanently ban you if you are member of a group with malicious names.
   (Tip: Admins can make use of  'Group Info Restriction' feature to prevent members from changing the names)

 * Google AR Beauty Try-On (alpha) tool makes use of machine learning and AR that allows the viewers on YouTubers to try on makeup virtually while watching and following along the makeup tutorial at the same time!

 * Twitter introduces 'Topics' feature that allows users to follow specific topics to discover the Tweets they are interested and care about.