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Facebook is releasing a new in-app feature that allows users to transfer their photos and videos between services, like Google Photos.

It is based out of open source framework Data Transfer Project: a collaborative effort with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter to build a common way for people to transfer their data between online services.


Note: Expected to be available globally next year(early 2020)
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#TechMix - WhatsApp self-destructing messages, Google Assistant as real time interpreter,...


>>> WhatsApp working on 'Delete Messages' feature, this feature allows users to set a self-destruct timer to messages in a conversation. Once enabled, all the messages sent and received in a chat window are automatically deleted after the specified time interval.

>>> Cheap Data Roaming at affordable prices by Airalo, eSIM (electronic SIM card) covering multiple countries around the world!

>>> UIDAI had launched new mAadhar app which gives details of the member including below useful features:
- Share Aadhar Details Via A QR Code
- Lock Or Temporarily Unlock Your Biometrics
- Get A New Aadhar Card Printed From The App
- Check Authentication History

>>> Google Assistant can soon speak/translate languages for you in real time enabling "interpreter mode" !

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Adobe tool to spot Photoshopped faces!  

An Adobe AI based tool (About Face) helps to identify if an image is photoshopped. This uses a simple logic of pixel differentiation found in the image and not based on any meta data.

Impressively this tool can even attempt to undo the changes!!

Adobe abt face
Note: As of now, Adobe does not plan to commercialize the prototype.
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How to enable Google Maps ‘Incognito Mode’?

“When you turn on Incognito mode in Maps, your activity—like the places you search or get directions to—won’t be saved to your Google Account...” - Google (tweet)

To enable/disable:
 - Tap your profile photo in the upper right corner of 'Google Maps' app
 - Hit "Turn on incognito mode" / " Turn off Incognito mode"
(Will see your profile photo turn into a little spy icon and Maps will display a black bar on top, indicating that Incognito mode is ON)

Currently available on Android and soon for iOS devices.
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#TechMix - Access WA from multiple devices, Youtube's Makeup, Twitter's Topics

* WhatsApp can soon be accessed from multiple mobile (Android & iOS) devices using the same account.
 - Currently, users can use WhatsApp web for accessing from multiple desktop web browsers simultaneously!
> It is expected that WhatsApp may soon release 'Dark mode' officially.
> Be aware that WhatsApp may permanently ban you if you are member of a group with malicious names.
   (Tip: Admins can make use of  'Group Info Restriction' feature to prevent members from changing the names)

 * Google AR Beauty Try-On (alpha) tool makes use of machine learning and AR that allows the viewers on YouTubers to try on makeup virtually while watching and following along the makeup tutorial at the same time!

 * Twitter introduces 'Topics' feature that allows users to follow specific topics to discover the Tweets they are interested and care about.

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