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How to do a tab task on multiple tabs?

You can do a tab task (like reload/duplicate/new window/close...) on multiple tans at the same time - in Google Chrome!

>> Select the required (multiple) tabs by holding down "Ctrl" key (Windows) and clicking the tabs
>> Now the tabs are highlighted from other tabs and now can release the Ctrl/Command (Mac) button
>> You can right click on a selected tab and perform any tab tasks!
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Travel with Mario on Google Maps!

To get started,

>> You’ll need to first update the app from Google Play or the App Store.
>> Enter your route
>> Next,  simply click on the yellow “?” icon found on the bottom right of your Google Maps app
>> You’ll then see a prompt to enable Mario Time!
>> Once enabled, you’ll see that the navigation arrow has morphed into Mario :-)

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#TechMix | Youtube's Green Screen, Microsoft 'S Mode'

Google planning a new Youtube tool to filter out and replace the background in videos much like a green screen does! (Video segmentation)
By modifying or replacing the background, creators can convey a particular mood, transport themselves to a fun location or enhance the impact of the message, something like in below picture:


Microsoft  plans to release a special "S Mode" replacing 'Windows 10 S" - customized for students.
The mode will expected with Windows 10 to only run certain apps from the Microsoft store. These include Office 365, which has a version designed for students and teachers.  
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PF Transfer Claims
Updated v2.0
(v1: Oct 09, 2017)

 Step-by-step instructions (formatted) >> Download as PDF

Did you recently get placed in a new job and need to wisely save a part of your hard earned money?
This guide will help you to transfer your Employee Provident Fund from your old/previous to new/present organization.

Follow the appropriate step-by-step instructions below to initiate PF amount transfer…

Know your PF details:

• Previous and present companies PF account numbers can be identified from respective salary slips.
(PF account number differs for each company)
• Universal Account Number (UAN) can also identified from pay slips in case not, follow below:
o Click here and navigate to the section: Important Links >> Know Your UAN status - submitting your PF/Aadhaar/PAN and personal details!
o In case your UAN is not activated yet, Click here and navigate to the section: Important Links >> Activate UAN to activate it first submitting your UAN/ PF/Aadhaar/PAN and personal details!
(UAN enables linking of multiple EPF Accounts (Member Id) allotted to a single member)

Online PF transfer procedures:
*Current/New: Aadhaar Based Online Claim Submission
Click here and login to UAN member e-sewa portal
        (Use 'Forgot Password’ in case required to reset)
• Before proceeding, ensure your KYC details (Manage --> KYC) are updated
o Minimum requirement is to have your Bank and Aadhaar details updated.
o In case you are unable add/verify Aadhaar details due to name mismatch – go to ‘Manage  Modify Basic Details’ and request a change to update your name to match as in Aadhaar card (will go through employer and then PF office approval).
• Once KYC updated, navigate to Online Services  Transfer Request  
• Complete the details appropriately which are not auto-filled and ensure that the information is correct before proceeding and selecting the attestation through either previous/present employer. [You need to enter your old UAN or generate appropriate MID using your old PF account details]
• Transfer request can be completed on verification by authenticating via OTP send to the registered mobile number.
• Once OTP is confirmed, you ‘Claim Status’ will show as ‘Submitted’ in ‘Online Services  Track Claim Status’ page
• Now click the download icon under ‘Printable Form 13’ from same page and just sign that pre-filled form and send it your previous or present employer selected for attestation earlier.
• Once your respective employer review your form and complete all procedures from their end – ‘Claim Status’ now changes to ‘Accepted...’
• And you will also receive a confirmation email and SMS on successful PF transfer to your new PF account!!!
*You can also view Service History, Download UAN card, Track Claim Status, Manage KYC and Contact details including few other services on same portal!
The above way of online PF transfer requests are accepted only when:
o KYC details are seeded against the UAN.
o Only one transfer request against the previous member ID can be accepted.
o If previous / present (Exempted) trust bank account and IFS code are available.
To resolve the error: ‘Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.’ – follow above steps to modify details

*Legacy: (Note: Looks like this portal may retire soon and not accessible)
Click here to login/signup “Online Transfer Claim Portal”
• And navigate to sub-menu option “Check Eligibility…” to first ensure if you are eligible for online transfer entering the details of present and previous PF accounts
• If you find you are eligible for initiating an online transfer:
o Navigate to Claim >> Request for Transfer of EPF Account
• Complete the details appropriately which are not auto-filled and submit the form to previous/present employer ensuring that the information is correct and read on-screen instructions for further procedures to do.
*You can also check the transfer status on same portal

Physical/Offline PF transfer procedures:
In case you have issues with online PF transfer claim, you can perform physical transfer following below…
Click here to download “Form 13”
• Fill details in Part A, B, and C appropriately
(You can fetch all required details from the online portals shared in this document or from your respective employers)
• Submit it to either your present or previous employer for attestation and initiating PF amount transfer from their end.
In case you have duplicate UANs, old UAN will be archived post the completion of PF transfer to the new PF account under new UAN.

Other important EPF facilities to know:
*Click here to manage Account/KYC/Transfer details of EPF Member
*Consolidate multiple PF accounts using this service here!
*For updated links for all available EPF services – Click here
 [ - Our Services >> For Employees]

Online Claim Check Eligibility & Submission Flow Diagram
FAQs Regarding Online Claim Settlement 
Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India

Looks like more changes/migration happening to bring all EPF services to a single window!
Refer above “updated links” for current web portal destinations.
This article covers instructions as per claims currently (Feb 2018) available and AFAIK
To check if this is the latest version of this document, refer:
Happy Saving :-)
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Tired of looking nonstop snaps of your friends in Facebook? 

Here comes -- Snooze, a Facebook feature to temporarily unfollow news feeds/posts of your friends.

You can unsnooze anytime, if not it will automatically expire after 30 days and will be notified.

*This feature is expected to work for individuals, pages, and groups and will appear for all users in few days.

To Snooze...
>> Go to Facebook Home
>> Click the drop-down arrow(...) in the top right of any post.
>> Click Snooze/Snooze ... for 30 days instead of permanent unfollow.
>> Go to that user's profile to unsnooze manually.
#SimpleTips: You can also hide ads by clicking ... at the post - that annoys you much.


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