Tired/Annoyed of nonstop posts from your friends in Facebook?

Posted by KrishKT KrishKT
Tired of looking nonstop snaps of your friends in Facebook? 

Here comes -- Snooze, a Facebook feature to temporarily unfollow news feeds/posts of your friends.

You can unsnooze anytime, if not it will automatically expire after 30 days and will be notified.

*This feature is expected to work for individuals, pages, and groups and will appear for all users in few days.

To Snooze...
>> Go to Facebook Home
>> Click the drop-down arrow(...) in the top right of any post.
>> Click Snooze/Snooze ... for 30 days instead of permanent unfollow.
>> Go to that user's profile to unsnooze manually.
#SimpleTips: You can also hide ads by clicking ... at the post - that annoys you much.